Concrete Quality Solutions.

That is the slogan Macben has adopted as a vision.
Macben has the ambition to play a leading role in the world of test equipment for construction.
Macben doesn’t want to be the biggest, but he wants to be the best.

Macben’s ambition is based on

  1. Motivated and highly trained employees
  2. Thorough technical support to the customer in both presales and after sales
  3. Extensive knowledge of the products offered based on our own experience and knowledge of the correct standards
  4. Officially accredited calibration services according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 with correct traceability and always available reports, because MEASUREMENT IS KNOWING.
  5. Clear agreements
  6. Fair prices
  7. Training in situ or in our own laboratories

Our international ambition is supported by

  1. Our multilingual employees (Dutch / French / English / German)
  2. Support for customs formalities
  3. Officially ISO 17025 accredited calibration services Belac 410-Cal with international recognition according to the EA, ILAC and IAF multilateral agreements.
  4. Logistical support with our own warehouses, own packaging department and reliable transport partners for worldwide shipping.