Flexural testing machines

These frames are designed to give costumers suitable solutions for several different situations.

One of the most important difference between the available frames is the distance between columns and the maximum vertical daylight, both parameters which define the available space for lodging specimens of different dimensions in the machine. Another fundamental feature is the structure of the machine, which can be chosen depending on the needs in terms of machine stifness or practical reason.

Main features:

  • Motorized or hand operated models
  • Gauge load measuring system
  • Digitec or Cyber-Plus Progress graphic display unit
  • Autotec or Servo-Plus Progress servo-controlled automatic system
  • Stand-alone frame, or combined to another frame
  • Possibility of two-point loading or centre-point loading by simply removing one upper roller and placing the other in the centre
  • Graduated scales to get easy rollers adjustment
  • Rollers are hardened, case hardened and rectified