Accelerated polishing machine

It measures the resistance of road aggregates, paving stones, paving blocks, to the polishing action of vehicle tyres on a road surface.
The specimens are manufactured with suitable moulds.
The specimen is than located on the Road Wheel accepting 14 specimens.
The wheel is now rotated and enters in contact with solid rubber tyre, spring loaded.

Abrasive charges are continuously introduced by two automatic mechanical feeders (hoppers). The feeders are held by a suitable support disjoined from the machine body; this solution saveguards feeding calibration and realiability/life of the hoppers from the influence of test execution vibrations.
Road wheel speed: 310 to 330 r.p.m.
The water is supplied at a controlled rate through a water container equipped with flow regulator.
The digital control panel, foreseen in the back side of the machine, allows to select the test time.
During the test execution the display shows the remaining time and the speed rotation of the wheel holding the specimens.
The machine provides a method of preparing polished stone specimens for use with the Skid Resistance Tester mod. A113 when used in Laboratory.
The unit is supplied complete with 2 rubber wheels (one for corn and one for flour emery), set of 4 secimen moulds and 2 mould covers, while control stone, corn and flour emery have to be ordered separately (see accessories).

Application: Polished stone value (PSV)

Property: Aggregates-Rocks

  • Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz 1ph 750W
  • Dimensions: 1800 x 820 x 600 mm
  • Weight: 175 kg