Asphalt Mix Analyzer

The Asphalt Mix Analyzer (AMA) is an innovative device that combines all the processes associated with bitumen extraction and recovery.

The unis is capable of determining the bitumen content in asphalt mixture and it is the best solution to analyse and characterize the properties of the reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP).

Application: Binder Content - Bitumen Extraction

Property: Asphalt

The unit consists of a stainless-steel washing chamber where the user introduces the asphalt sample up to 3.5 kg.
Subsequently, thanks to an accurate centrifugation process, the filler is separated and collected into the centrifuge cup while the bitumen solution is drained off to the solvent recovery chamber. Most of the solvent is recovered by condensation and it can be used for other extractions.

The remaining part of the bitumen solution can be collected in an extraction flask after distillation, available for further analysis. To perform this cycle, the unit is equipped with a multi-layer mash washing drum available with different openings (0.063, 0.075, and 0.090) to contain the aggregates, a centrifuge cup to collect the recovered filler and an extraction flask to collect the remaining bitumen solution.
Before starting washing, the unit allows adding a pre-wash phase to improve the process of separation and extraction of bitumen.

The unit presents a 7’’ colour touch-screen controller with front panel user interface with easy-to-use step-thru operation. The user-friendly software allows the operator to set up:

  • number and duration of the prewash cycles;
  • number and duration of the washing cycles;
  • number of rinsing cycles;
  • number and duration of the drying cycles.

The door is locked during all test phases to provide a safe environment.
Furthermore, the test stops automatically in case of anomalies or malfunctions, showing the type of alarm on the display in real time.
The solvent mode extraction has to be selected before supplying the unit, and the machine will be calibrated accordingly.

  • "All in one" automatic cycle with silent operation.
  • Automatic passage from pre-wash to washing phase
  • Combination of ultrasonic impulses and heating effect.
  • Complete extraction in less than 1 hour (depending on the material tested), reducing costs and time.
  • Automatic sample drying after operation
  • Possibility of using the distillation chamber only
  • Forced distillation was made to reduce the bitumen solution to less than 1 litre at the end of the test
  • Customizable cycle: selectable pre-wash phase, number of washings, rinsing and drying cycles
  • Up to 10 profiles saved
  • Optional direct connection with rotary evaporation flask
  • Optional integrated or external balance for automatic determination of the bitumen content
  • Automatic bitumen content calculation
  • Complete close cycle avoiding toxic fumes.
  • Able to work with non-flammable solvents such as tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene or methylene chloride.
  • Integrated 7' colour Touch screen controller.