Automatic programmable compactor

Automatic, programmable PROCTOR / CBR Compactor with microprocessor, “high technology”

Designed to compact Proctor and CBR specimens, it ensures an extremely uniform compaction degree, granting reliable and repeatable test results.

Application: Proctor and CBR

Property: Soil

The microprocessor software allows to select and perform different compaction cycles in a fully automatic system, by strictly meeting the mentioned International Standards. The blows are automatically distributed as requested by the selected Standard, with turntable rotation and rammer displacement through photoelectric cell sensors and microprocessor.

The digital control panel is separate from the machine and it can be fixed to the wall or mounted on a bench. The high resolution graphic display (blue negative) 320x240 pixels visualizes selected Standard, total number of blows, effected and remaining ones to end the test, and execution of each layer.

The user can select and memorize up to 10 personalized test cycles, that can be later on modified or replaced by other ones. This is a very important function, because it allows to update the Compactor to new Standards, or any Standard not included in the microprocessor, or for research purposes.

The original lift system of the rammer can be selected at 12” or 18”, or at 300 or 450 mm, granting a correct and constant fall height.
Rammer drop speed: 1 blow each 2 seconds.
The compactor accepts moulds having dia. 4” and 6”, 100 and 150 mm, both Matest made or from other producers, thanks to its universal mould fixing system.

The machine is supplied without rammers to be ordered separately and selected according to the desired Standard (rammers are interchangeable).
Not sellable in CE markets

  • Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 500W
  • Dimensions: 610x470x1710 mm
  • Weight: 200 Kg approx